Monthly Archives: April 2011

Welcome to our Blog on IBMP – Integrative Body Mind Psychotherapy

Hello everyone.  IBMP – Integrative Body Mind Psychotherapy is excited to have arrived in the world of blogging.  IBMP are constantly researching and reviewing new information and applying analysis and commentary on the trends and issues of the day as they relate to our human condition and bodymind reality.

IBMP is not tied proprietary to any one school of thought.  We seek to understand and highlight the holism of our human nature and to uncover the links between the body and mind that our materialism and reductionism linked mainstream sciences are still unfortunately using as conscious or unconscious assumptions in the way that psychological and medical information is presented to the public.

IBMP respects all contributors to the understanding of our human condition without needing to agree with them all of the time.  We will seek to contribute to debate, comment and analysis of the topical issues within media and society that we take an interest in or which we concern ourselves with as a bodymind psychotherapy tradition.

The bodymind is a fascinating topic that we all can relate to as everyone.  We will also post summaries of new articles that we have written which you can access on our websites.  IBMP has its origins in modalities such as Reichian Therapy, Bioenergetics and Core Energetics.

The bodymind has also come to prominence in business and corporate life.  The areas of Emotional Intelligence, the “energy” of brands and business, leadership, “toxic” organisations, culture, motivation and excellence are all key words that have links to our bodymind realities in the context of business.

We will post some relevant blogs on a regular basis that concern such issues and commentaries about the excesses of our business and sporting leaders when they “act out” or highlight behaviours and attitudes which require some soul searching.

Welcome aboard and we hope you find relevance, perspective, humour and insight from our blogs.